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Free Christian prayer request board and online prayer support group. Our Christian prayer group is here to help support you in your time of need and rejoice with you in your moments of triumph! Absolutely free membership and you can join our free online prayer request group in about a minute.

Our Christian prayer site will always be free, hoping to give people who don't know where
to go a house of prayer. We're just a Christian website, but you're prayer line goes straight to the source!

Online christian prayer requests for recovery, miracle, peace and world prayer center. Our prayer requests websites have powerful Christian prayer requests from people just like you. These are free online sites to leave prayer requests for those that know the power of prayer

Prayer Warriors Unite!
Miracles DO happen. In fact, they happen each and every day. It is our sincere hope that you come to expect miracles.

Praying Tips from Admin Cybermonsters
I never want to tell anyone how to do anything. We all have so many diverse ways of expressing our relationship, or lack thereof, with God. If it works, then keep doing it. However, chances are you're here because something IS NOT working. We have a tendency to turn towards prayer in times of need. Sad, but tis our nature. Visit our admin's music producer and piano player website.

Here's just a couple things I wanted to make note of and you can take them or leave them as you wish.

1) There's a saying: "Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you LISTEN." I love that phrase because it points out a basic flaw that I think most everyone has committed from time to time, at least I know I have. PRAYER IS NOT TO GET THINGS. God is not Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny Rabbit. Often times our answers have already been given to us but we FAILED TO RECOGNIZE THE PACKAGE IT CAME IN. Things don't always look as we expect. In other words, maybe don't pray for a '65 Mustang convertible if you need transportation to work; instead pray or "treat" for your transportation. Your answer may be a carpool, bus pass, closer job, etc.

2) God does not need to be convinced. You can't "pray harder" to get something. It's like holding water. The harder you hold the quicker the water holds from your hands. God knows your needs before you do. Say it, claim it and know it's done.

I hope this helps a little. My other favorite saying: "Hello, this is God. I will be handling your problems today."

Do you need prayer support but are not Christian? Visit our non-denominational prayer site at Internet Prayers - We know the power of prayer and meditation and want to share it with you - No Pressure - Make your own choices

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